Do you want to be a fitness model?

I get lots of emails and Facebook messages from people wanting to get into fitness modelling but don’t know where to start. It was Beto the creator of Zumba® that suggested that I should start fitness modelling, so I have more than just Zumba® to thank him for! I entered World Sports Model 2010 and made it through to the final 2!! I signed with my agent at W-athletic and have since worked for some of the leading brands in the fitness industry. Modelling has opened so many doors within the industry and it enables me to meet new people and is a form of self-expression that I love. Photo shoots are often long and hard but never boring! “That’s all nice for you Lindsay” I hear you saying in a sarcastic tone, “but how do I get started?” Step 1 Why fitness modelling? – If you are a fit pro and a by-product of your job working in the fitness industry is a toned body, don’t be afraid to show it, start modelling! It’s great fun and fits in really well with teaching and PT sessions. Step 2 Practise what you preach! – You already exercise enough but do you eat properly? If you push your body physically to the limit it’s hard to eat right when your body is craving sugar. Eating a clean diet is your first step on the journey to becoming a successful fitness model. So remember, eat clean, stay lean and you may even get to the level of my Zumba® pal Sandra Radav MiamiPro2012 bikini champion Step 3 Find a photographer – Produce a portfolio, just ensure you do your research and find a photographer who specialises in the area of modelling your interested in i.e fitness, fashion or even nude. Photographers are also looking to expand their portfolio so find one you click with and team up, it could benefit the both of you. I’m working at the moment with a great photographer, Cassius Frankson and his team (make up artist Amy-Jo Glover), who has combined his experience as a PT and applied it to fitness photography. His expert knowledge of both fields make him the perfect person for me to work with.     Step 4 Enter a fitness modelling competition – There are lots of fitness competions searching for new talent and with the internet it’s simple, all you have to do is upload your images online. It’s a great way to gain exposure, experience and catch the attention of potential agents. Step 5 Be a yes person – Say yes to free/lower paid editorial work as well as the big bucks campaigns, you never know who you may meet. Don’t close doors before they have opened Step 6 Get an Agent – An agent acts as the middle man between you and the client to get you the best work and negotiate the best rate. Agents fees are around 20% of your earnings and you never pay anything up…


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