An Overlooked Aspect of Fitness: Functional Strength

Functional movements are ingrained in us, and we use them every day. By the time we become adults we have spent thousands of hours statically (sitting unnaturally on chairs, couches…) and our mobility is limited because of it. Our path of movement changes to accommodate injury, muscle contusions, and poor posture, and our formerly perfect deadlifts turn into an awkward twist and turn and bend to pick up something that fell on the floor

The single most important concept that is overlooked in the fitness industry is that functional movements are the single best way to get big and strong

I prescribe heavy bench press, push ups, pull ups, chin ups, dips, and if they are more advanced lifters I will use a variety of functional accessories involving pushes and pulls that more specifically target the biceps and triceps.

Both for muscle growth as well as strength, there is a necessary hormonal response that is typically only naturally seen from doing functional movements.

Things like growth hormone, testosterone, and lactic acid are all naturally produced during functional strength training, and they all contribute to fat loss, and the overall improvement of body composition.



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