Postworkout meals, Timing is everything

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Becoming a Spin Instructor provided me with lots of opportunity to speak with people about diet and exercise.  What I found was a lot of misinformation out there or misconceptions on what is best for the body.  Often, I discovered, people were not eating after their workouts.  Either because they had errands to run after their class, they couldn’t wrap their minds around the idea of replacing all those calories after they had just burned them, or they just hadn’t thought about it or planned accordingly.  If you’ve been following along with us, you know that we stress muscles are built in recovery.  Therefore, eating is essential after a workout.  Hold on!  Before you go out and eat a three course breakfast with the works, know that WHAT you eat is also very important.  Eating after a workout is about recovery and storage.     Why?   Simply put, you…

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