My Crossfit/Bodybuilding Life – Mixing It Up

All Things Rabyd

The recent Crossfit Games got me thinking about overall fitness and the relationship this might have to bodybuilding in my life.  I like the idea of overall fitness and in part it is why I chose bodybuilding in the first place.  The only things I really see in bodybuilding as weaknesses are flexibility and cardiovascular work.  Ultimately Cross fitness seems to engage a more overall health strategy.  I have decided to employ some of the ideas as a way to make my workouts both more challenging and more interesting.

Mostly I want to add some of the open workout stuff like burpees, the snatch, box jump, etc.  The idea of adding stuff until I know the basic movements and then start putting them together.

Nutritionally I am heading into a more clean diet in part because I need to an also for financial reasons I need a more structured diet.

Otherwise, business…

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