End of 2013 season

Tyronejohnson fitness


So 3 weeks ago I was an idiot! I was showing off at gym; while in contest prep…and hurt my shoulder. The caption to this picture on Instagram says “pain, hurt and frustration” when I took this photo I thought, the team thought it was only a bad sprain. The pain was slowly going away, however time started to pass—1 wk, 2 wks, and then this week I finally gave in and went too the Drs. I have a strained shoulder tendon; the dr says I should be fine in another 3 wks…but saying that also means I have to sit on the bench all the way up till 6 wks out. So unfortunately I’m ending the season short; even though I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to this season, I still learned a ton and made a ton of progress!


The pic on the left is last November and…

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