Plyometric Training: the Basics and the Benefits


If you’re one who keeps up with the latest trends in health and fitness, you’ve likely been introduced to plyometric exercises. But what exactly are plyometrics, and what are the benefits? Plyometrics are an intense form of exercise designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness through rapid stretching and contraction of the muscles. Plyometric movements are high impact and require a great deal of strength, endurance, and control. Plyometrics are very effective exercises for weight loss and muscle toning because they utilize more muscle groups per workout and combine both strength training and cardiovascular exercise, allowing you to reap the benefits of both. Plyometric training is especially important to firefighters because their job often requires movements such as chopping, using a sledgehammer, and lugging around heavy equipment. These types of movements require control and a great amount of muscle strength and power, making plyometrics an excellent training option for them. However, anyone looking to lose weight or just tone up a bit can benefit from these types of exercises.

What exactly

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