A stronger you–the benefits to exercise


So the journey begins.  One foot in front of the other on a journey to wholeness.  It seems only fitting to begin with an encouragement on finding more ways to become active.  So just what does it mean to be “active”?  When we hear words such as “fitness,” “exercise,” or even “physical activity,” what images are conjured up? What thoughts come to mind?  Do you feel motivated or shut down?  Do  you feel a sense of adventure or do you feel constricted?  I suppose these interpretations are as unique as the individuals themselves, and while this might be true, it’s important to take into consideration some truths about exercise and its profound relationship to our overall health and well being.

First, you might wonder what the difference is between physical activity and exercise. Physical activities are activities that get your body moving such as gardening, walking the dog, and taking the…

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