5 things about dieting you could learn from your great grandparents…if they were alive

Hunger Pains

Ok ok, we get it! Obesity is on the rise and we need to get ourselves sorted. The problem is, we are all doing extreme things (fad diets), that we’re getting distracted from the basics. I’m a believer that if your trying to lose weight, you should turn to the ones that did it successfully.  Who better than our great grandparents. Obesity was probably a word they never heard. If they could sit with us now (and if they physically can: amazing!) what could they teach us. Pull up a seat, tuck in your shirt and listen to these words of wisdom:

  • The amount of meat you eat, would have fed the two of us.Portions have increased over the years that it has become common for us to consider normal. Go back to basics, if it is bigger than your palm, it is too big.
  • A treat, was…

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