Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review By Tom Venuto -Failure

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Forced reps: If positive failure is reached, your training partner will help you make a few extra reps. Try to keep strict form and technique during these times.

The purpose of the exercise is not in pairs, but the ultimate failure of muscle groups.
Movement in a small range of motion:  It is usually used to strengthen weak parts of the stroke Useful for strengthening the muscles just in that area, which we call “critical point Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle By Tom Venutodensity

Also commonly seen when the practitioner is using too much weight and she is not able to control the entire trajectory of times. But this is wrong.

Negative reps:  Use weights that are above your maximum can be performed only negative part of the movement (Part of the activity, where the mass moves with gravity).

Your training partner helps with weight over the positive…

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